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~Another of Nia's Favorite Pictures for the WIN~

Can you believe this one comes from the fandom Full Metal Alchemist. This picture does something for me every time. You can tuck this under 'awesome cosplay' because that is what it is.

Lust of course. This picture, I don't know why it gets me. I think the most compelling is the eyes. (because face it, this girl is not showing nearly as much cleavage as Lust does) but those eyes, those eyes are intense and portend to alot of things. Really it is all in the gaze, and this picture makes me wibble. Hey, I cannot say that I wouldn't hit Lust, because that would so not be the truth. Lust is one of those characters that just radiates sex appeal and if you are oblivious to that.. well then da-yum. The costume, well it would of been more effective in my book had it been leather or vinyl.. but I can safely say that it is all in the eyes for me.

Remember, comment and tell me what you like or don't like about this picture. HURRAH!
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