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~Nia's Favorite Pictures #whatever~

Today I have for you a guy. Yes, Nia likes both guys and girls. (but girls only in -that- way..)

And today's treat is a guy that actually is -drawn- like a guy. (OMG WONDERS NEVER CEASE)

Ping and Feng always has a way of making their girls feminine, and their guys masculine. It's heartening.

And yet he is not -over-bearingly- masculine, but you know you can still tell that he has a cock. That is always a plus. I don't know why this picture is my favorite, yet another one that I just cannot define nor put into words. Maybe it is the resolute look that he has, perhaps it is the snow falling down, perhaps it is the perfect shape of his eyes. (And whenever I see this picture, I think Fei.. I don't know why. */Xeno-whore like woah*

Alright done.. ^_^

Remember, feel free to comment with what you like or don't like about the picture. I like to hear your opinions on things.
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