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~Meme Time for the Musely Inclined~

Made by ME!

Put your playlist on random and then take the first 15 songs. Write them down and then have your muses pick out which ones are theirs. If you cannot attribute a song to a muse, do not include it and pick another song.

1.) Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer - Hyuga/Sigurd (Jugend Era)
2.) Rio by Duran Duran - Jian, the female incarnation of Jin Uzuki ("Moving on the floor now babe, your a bird of paradise.. Cherry ice cream smile, I suppose it's very nice")
3.) The Chauffer by Duran Duran - Morpheus Caeldron. (Lamasu, Laguna and Earth know who this is.. though he got his start via Marcus.. Ah Morphy.. so angsty and bitter..)
4.) Clark Gable by The Postal Service. (Heyven.. the female incarnation of Hyuga. In fact she used that in her last fic-bit for the New York Girls RP)
5.) Sadeness by Enigma. (Janus Zeal.. definitely. Janus is a stem-off of Chrono Trigger.. but well by now he has no resemblances to the Janus Zeal from that game. *fucking scary.. yo* He is the muse in my box that has to be caged up.)
6.) Missing by Everything But the Girl. - Corrine Graie and Magus Zeal. From Chrono Trigger. My only original character written. I will still violently protest to the fact that she is a Mary Sue, because she is not. She was not a super powered goddess, she was just a simple village girl. Oh I so love Corrine.
7.) Something I Can Never Have by NIN. - Hyuga/Sigurd during the events of the Xenogears game. Unfortunately I have the most songs for Hyuga muse.. followed by Citan and Jin.
8.) "Angels Would Fall" by Melissa Etheridge. - Back in my UO (Utopia Orbiting) days when I was mod there, both Sora aka twistedrper666 and I had our two characters, Magus Bainbridge and August Riddle together for the general UO plot.. and this is one of their songs.
9.) "Picture Perfect" by M2M - Now this was a song for kurohyou and myself.. however we also attributed it to Hyuga/Sigurd Jugend Era. But once again, can't listen to that song. >.>
10.) "Suimitsuto no Shizukue" by Inoue Kazuhiko. - My Hisui muse of course. This is a character song, and well it's such a damn sexy song.. and my Hisui muse is walking talking sex on wheels.
11.) "Cosmic Girl" by Jamiroquai. - Jin Uzuki from the Glam!70s RP. He has a fondness for funk in that RP.. it's really cute. He's really a space case. Perhaps too much drugs? *thuds*
12.) "Kuroi Tsuki" from Fushigi Yuugi (sung by Satou Akemi). - Janus Zeal. Surprisingly a slow song, even though he is intensely evil. This song fits his evolution toward evil I suppose.
13.) "At the Stars" by Better than Ezra. - Jin Uzuki and Chaos. This to me will always personify what an eclectic relationship they have... they both are enigmas in their own right.. and this song sings it better then I could describe.
14.) Under the Milky Way by The Church. This song goes to my Edmond Dantes/Count of Monte Cristo muse. Perhaps it was the FST I did of him. I loved the anime version of Gankutsou and it is my favorite anime -ever-. Nothing could top it. (Though Mai Hime came close enough to be SECOND PLACE)
15.) "I Know" by Placebo. - Another original character by the name of Enigma Nadiir and therefore a Sylvia creation. A wonderfully tragic character. His name I meant to mean "Mystery at the Lowest Point.." mysterious darkness.. I don't know. He is one of my treasured muses and definitely in the top three of the original muses.


In other news, uzukisaru - I GOT YOUR MUSIC AND DVDS.. AND THE GIMPY PEN SCETCH OF HYUGA WAS THE BEST! *and the chibi of Sigurd* It now resides on my post-it board of Xeno... along with katimus_prime's rendition of Hyuga and Sigurd. I love my collection. I shall be scanning it to put on my computer. AHAHAH.. *icon liek whut?*

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