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~Another episode of Nia's Favorite Pictures~

This happens to be a girl this time. Because it isn't all about bishounen and buttsecks in my world... (though at given points in time, the urge for buttsecks becomes great)

I don't know precisely why I like it.. it is one of those things that I cannot simply glance over and list something right off the bat. It's the whole aura of the picture. From the throne of steel that she is sitting on, to the pristine white of her garments that seem to mirror against her throne, and the slightest lavander hue to her hair. And then the wings of a techno-angel. And then I see her expression which seems so sad and perhaps a trifle resigned. I see her sitting there, and I think that perhaps she is the ruler over a land that she did not want. The picture clenches my heart in such a way. I could view this on a sexual level, and perhaps I could make remarks about her thigh highs or the swell of her breasts. But I will not, because that picture just isn't about that to me. A very gorgeous picture if I do say so myself.

Remember, comment tellling me what you like about the picture, comment telling me what you -don't- like about the picture. I like listening to other people's opinions (seriously!)
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