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~ATTN Friend's List~

Alright.. this is where I need my friend's list help.

Name a character.. any anime/video game character (Male) that you would use for the word Hyper. This is to help for my mood theme. I mean this could be in any way, shape or form. I'm just stuck on Hyper. (After that sweet succession of Horny and Hot which feature Hyuga/Sigurd and Sigurd respectively) I already have the next two moods lined up.. I'm just stuck on Hyper.

I say male.. but there is one block already reserved for ONE female on my bishounen mood theme. *hehehe*

Also the men (despite being the bishounen mood theme), do not have to be pretty. This being said because I have Emperor Cain up there as well as Cid and Jesiah.. and hell they are not pretty >.>
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