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~The one in which Hyu shoots spunk all over the place (Fave Picture #4)~

Well this is for nosebleed value alone. There is no doubt why I like the following picture... and I pointed this picture out to hemisphere at one point, and she was like. "SPROING". I think that was her hard-on.. or something.

Now despite popular belief.. (and I can assure you that I am not a complete and utter horn-dog..) the girl's breasts are not the attracting force. What I like about this picture is the sheer power that the woman looks like she wields. Like she could crush any male in her path underneath the spike of her 6 inch heels. The glasses are a nice touch I will admit (due to my raging megane fetish) but well it's the way that the picture is drawn, the way she holds herself that gives me such a mental hard-on. I would say that I'd do her, but I have the sinking sensation that wouldn't be quite the case... she'd do me.. probably with a 16 inch strap-on.. >.>.

Now don't forget to comment to tell me what you like and don't like about this picture. Believe me, I like to hear it!
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