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~Icon Art of the Day~

I took this picture of Jin that is my absolute favorite.. (Okay so I admire the pose, that is one of my favorite poses of Uzuki ever. The thinking man pose)

And I turned it into...


I am always better at the actual act of colorizing black and white pictures then I am at taking an already coloured picture and going to town on it. I don't know why this is.

I realize that I consider The Space Between a Hyuga/Sigurd song.. but the phrase "fickle fuddled words" just fit Jin to me and so I ran with it.

Okay now to finish my Midori/Primera sap-RP. >.> (Yes, I femmslash them.. meh. The idea that Jesiah is like, "OMGDAUGHTERALESBIAN!" amuses the hell out of me..)
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