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Fandom: New York Girls (A Xeno AU)
Character: Heyven (Hyuga girl incarnation)
Inspiration: The little game of kismet that her and Sigele are playing.
Warning: None absolutely.
Comments: This was begged to be written, so I wrote it on the back of my schedule. How lame am I? *heh's* Heyven would not stop until I had written it all down. Once agian, I've been on a big yuri kick and there is nothing better then making my favorite guy characters in Xeno-dom as girls. It adds different dynamics to their personalities. In this story, Heyven, Caitlin and Jian live together in a New York apartment. They meet by chance Chloe, Sigele and Felicity and well sparks fly from there. Heyven has not had alot of screen time so I've given her a little bit of fic to tide her over.

"I want so badly to believe that there is truth
That love is real.."

Just like every friday Heyven was left on her own to park it on the couch and watch old movies, likewise every saturday she allowed her sister Jian to set her up with someone. She didn't know why she even let Jian fix her up but it was unfailing. She had been in a few relationships but most of them ended in horrible and messy ways, all accusing her of expecting too much of them.. of being exacting and perhaps not content, and in truth she had never felt content and that was why they had never lasted.

This weekend it was the alpha butch, evidentally on of Jian's customers that came in to purchase wood-cutting magazines from the look of what she was wearing and who evidentally thought that Heyven was too dainty to do anything for herself, that -included- ordering for herself. So she suffered through catfish which she hated and the woman's (if Heyven could call her that) subpar knowledge of wine. Really if Heyven had wanted to date a 'man', she certainly would of looked for one, a real one. It was immediate that she had known there would be no second date, there very rarely was and it was Heyven who did not call back. No offense but they just were not her type.

She didn't know what her type was. She had gone out with girly girls such as herself, she had gone out with average women, she had suffered through women pretending to be men. Her heart was content though a trifle bit lonely. In fact last week she had been taken to a strip club by Jian was one of the dancers had caught her eye. It had been a tall woman with brown sugar skin, corkscrew curls and startlingly blue eyes. She had refrained from staring though because she figured that the girl had enough attention from others without her contributing to it. Merely it was better to not pay too much attention for fear of making the girl uncomfortable.. because she knew that she would of been uncomfortable in such a situation, hell she had been uncomfortable just -being- there.

She had entertained thoughts of asking the girl out, but then she reminded herself that every -other- person in the bar wanted to ask out a stripper. It was like super male fantasy number #1, to score with a girl like that. However Heyven had not really wanted to score, but well she thought that perhaps the girl would of thought that. And so she said nothing and left with her sisters after perhaps an hour there, Jian wanting to go to another club. She had cried off and fled home to watch some movies, and think about the other girl. But eventually the girl became just something she thought of, but life went on and she had other things to attend to.. so she had put the stripper far from her mind to the point of unacknowledgement.

And so she was home now, a repeat of last week, curled up in her PJs while she flipped through to AMC, finally holding a pillow to herself as she watched one of her favorite old movies, "An Affair to Remember" which never ceased to make her sniffle just a little bit what with the sheer kismet of it all. Somehow she thought her life should be like an old movie, but well this was the modern era right.. and well such things as romance was a thing of the past. Just a nice pleasant interlude. That is what raced through her mind as she fell asleep.. another saturday night alone.

Maybe her expectations were too high?

"I was waiting for cross-town train in the London unground when it struck me...
That I've been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie."
-Clark Gable by The Postal Service.

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