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~Nia's Favorite Picture #4~

This for all of the people who appreciate a good hot guy. (hand-drawn of course). This is of my favorite character from Harutoki 2.. Hisui. I have a big hard-on for this guy.

This is one of my altime favorite pictures of Hisui. In the game, he is one of the Genbu Hachiyou. Rake, Pirate, Flirt... everything that I like in my guys. He has an infectuous charm and is paired up more often then not with my other favorite Hachiyou, Yukitaka. There is something about this picture, and it isn't just the pipe. Perhaps the devil may care smile on his face that says that he dares you to resist his charm. Guys like these really get me every time. Sigurd Harcourt, Gojyo, Hisui, Tomomasa, Sirius Black, Jin Uzuki. Guys that are arrogant and manage to pull it off with a bit of charm. I have tried many times to make an icon out of this picture, and it never works out for me. I fear I may be jinxed in that respect. But anyways. Yes, the hair, the eyes, the pipe, the very fact that he is not too pretty looking.. All adds up to Nia-HardOn.

Feel free to comment to tell me what you like or don't like about the picture. (I love feedback).
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