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~I bet you don't know how it feels~

Once again. squenix_uni may be slowly recovering the great migration.. (yay new blood though) but once again I must clarify.. we are not begging. If I see another mediocre application, I will PUKE. I am also not fun of the current Rinoa application.. especially the section where she states that "Rinoa needs a man to take care of her". That bespeaks canon-sue of sorts. Nix nix nix.

Also it was funny... on RO. Both Venom and Testament went to get these uber cute and emasculating hats.. so Venom buys poring hat and Testament gets a panda hat. Then someone goes. "Dude, Venom.. change your clothing colour and hat because you look kinda gay" and then Testament huffed up. "Venom is gay for -me-.." and then he dragged Venom off. Poor Venom. >.>
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