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~Wanna have you near me, I wanna have you hear me say.. "No one needs you more the I need you"~

So.. tired... *bleary eyes* I am up too early, this is -not- natural. In fact the other natural state of a Nia is sleep, I like sleep. You know the song "Dreams in Digital" by Orgy.. I am the girl in that song. *heh's* I could just have fun sleeping my life away.. I mean who needs food!

Sex n' cuddles with Alexi
Conversation with Alexi

That would be a perfect day.. *hee's* I should of been born a cat.. *heh's*

Work has been okay, changed supervisor so that Sgt Hall is no longer my supervisor. Life is truly beautiful. Sgt Thompson is stricter but at least he doesn't make snide comments about me and my personal life. Which reminds me that most of the people in the Supply Squadrom have a thing against personal style.

Point in fact, for the Christmas Party a few years back, I wore my leather pants and a really nice silk shirt. Everyone had a cow.. because they didn't think that was appropriate. Oh no not the leather pants, leather pants are associated with badass people.

I am not badass.. I just like them.

Anyways I need to put on make-up now. I should start counting down to the day when Alexi will be here but I don't want to jinx anything.

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