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~Heavy with tense anticipation...~

Another episode of Mai-Hime and I am loving this series. The lesbian fanservice is rather stellar. I am still a hard core Natsuki fan.. but then I've only watched two episodes. (That ass is to die for). I saw Shizuru a little bit, and she reminds me very much of Shimako I would like to say that. (which is also oh-so-sexy). I definitely think that I am feeling my way into ultra girly shows, maybe it is because I am hitting that lesbian stage where yuri hits the spot where yaoi just doesn't. (*/bad yaoi fan*) I mean there is just nothing that says woah like girl curves pressed against girl curves.

And yes, Testament officially wants to rip my eyes out with his scythe. However to compensate I promised him bondage with Venom. So that has placated him momentarily. (The cotton candy/strawberry remark pissed him off too but that was only heaped on to the whole glitter lips/eyes.. thereby adding coal to the flames of rage.)

I have so many ideas for icons.. >.> And yet so little will to actually -do- them.

I promise I'll have a picture for tomorrow.

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