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~Nia's Picture of the Day~

Yet another installment of Nia's Favorite Pictures.. featuring Integra from Hellsing.

Why I like this picture it is because of it's poignancy. I am not always about fanservicey shots. Sometimes the best pictures are the pictures that are understated and that have a little whisp of sorrow to them. Integra is a favorite character, perhaps because she is a very masculine female and I like that... and I indentify with her on alot of different levels. The placement is beautiful and the artist for this particular piece is a very big Integra fan. I've tried making icons out of this picture but I can never seem to do this picture very much justice.

If you want to see more of the pictures, Go to the website on the picture. I promise you, it'll be a treat!

So anyways feel free to comment and tell me what you like or don't like about the picture. I always like to hear reactions to my pictures. (Same with my music)
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