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~Nia's Favorite Pictures #2~

Most of the time my favorite OS-Tan girl is drawn without a skirt, wearing a little short coat as well as a pair of panties, which is all well and good. However just wait. Wait wait wait until you get her in her FRILLY SKIRT. Yes, this picture makes me hard. Intelligent yet very cute.. looking a bit coy as she chews uncertainly on her fingertip.. while those thigh high stockings peak up from just underneath the hem of her skirt. If the Win2k professional OS-Tan girl was real, I would so be one of the first in line to do her. But she is not so I can only dream. (Ironically enough, if OS-tan was drawn as a guy, I would not be able to do it.. because well I identify myself with masculinity too much for myself to be able to lust -after- myself. (*unlike hemisphere, I do not have a Narcisus fetish*)

I could list a million things I want to do with that OS-Tan girl.. but I won't. >.>

Feel free to comment and tell me what you like or don't like about this picture.

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