Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


1.) "Yume wo" from I think His and Her Circumstances
2.) "Blurry Eyes" by L'arc~en~Ciel
3.) "So Far Away" by Stabbing Westward
4.) "Truth" the Utena Ending
5.) "Velvet Underworld" by Weiss Krutz
6.) "Ashita no Watashi O Shinjitai {Tomorrow Will be a Better Day}" From Fushigi Yuugi OVAs
7.) "Kokoro" by Joanne Hogg
8.) "Appears" by Ayumi Hamasaki
9.) "Halo" by Depeche Mode
10.) "Groovy" 1st ending of Card Captor Sakura
11.) "I Just died in your arms tonight" by Cutting Crew
12.) "Piece of Love" from Ranma 1/2 OAV
13.) "Be Near Me" by ABC
14.) "The Look of Love" by ABC
15.) "Take on Me" by A-ha
16.) "Mamboleo" by Elissa
17.) "Fruits Candy" by Sakura Tange, Iwao Junko and Aya Hisakawa
18.) "Dreams Come True..English Remix" by S.E.S
19.) "Heart of Sword" Intro song from Rourouni Kenshin
20.) "Mask" by Masami Okui and another chick. (Ending song of Bakuretsu Hunters)
21.) "La Soldier" by Sailor Moon
22.) "Its my Life" Card Captor Sakura Movie ending theme
23.) "Believe" by Cher
24.) "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago
25.) "Zenki!" by Chisa Yokayama and Megumi Ogata
26.) "Brink of Time -Acid Jazz Remix" From Chrono Trigger
27.) "Creid" from Xenogears Creid
28.) "Barely Breathing" by Duncan Shiek
29.) "Falling Angel" by Duran Duran
30.) "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran
31.) "Mystic Eyes" from Escaflowne.
32.) "Yakosuku Walranai" from Escaflowne
33.) "Once you Meet Her" by Risa Ohki
34.) "Melodies of Life" by Emiko Shiratori
35.) "The Dream Within" by Lara Fabian
36.) "Suki de Na {Isn't it Beautiful}" By Rikka
37.) "Winner" from Fushigi Yuugi
38.) "Voice" from Fushigi Yuugi {Tamahome}
39.) "Yume Kamo Shirinai" by The S.H.E
40.) "Tokimeki no Doukasen" Ending song for Fushigi Yuugi
41.) "Itoshi hito no Tameni" Intro song for Fushigi Yuugi
42.) "Vanilla" by Gackt
43.) "It's Love" by Ayumi Hamasaki and SHARAN Q
44.) "Gravity" by Luna Sea
45.) "Eago no Aitai" Kouda Mariko (Marmalade Boy)
46.) "Saigo no Yaku" Kouda Mariko (Marmalade Boy)
47.) Nameless Ranma Song
48.) Nameless Ranma Song
49.) "It's Love" by Rabbit {Ranma 1/2 Movie}
50.) "Neko Haten" {Shampoo's Song} from Ranma 1/2
51.) Nameless Ranma Song
52.) Nameless Ranma Song
53.) Nameless Ranma Song
55.) Rayearth Intro
56.) "Send me an Angel" by Real Life
57.) "Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore" by REO Speedwagon
58.) "Ai no Senshi" by Sailor Moon
59.) "Kaze ni Naritai" by Megumi Ogata
60.) "Search for your Love" by Sailor Moon
61.) Sailor Stars Opening Theme
62.) "Rashiku Ikimashu" from Sailor Moon
63.) "Dreams Come True" by S.E.S
64.) "Love Destiny" by Yui Horie
65.) "Gold" by Spandau Ballet
66.) "Desert Rose" by Sting
67.) "Moon over Bourbon Street" by Sting
68.) "Lay your hands on Me" by Thompson Twins
69.) "Rinbu Revolution" by Masami Okuo
70.) "Change the World" by V6
71.) "Honky Tonky Crazy I Love You" by BOOWY

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