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~Favorite Pictures~

Of course I was going through my infamous 'favorites' folder and I decided to spotlight a favorite picture every now and again. So underneath the cut you could find anything. Yaoi, yuri, pretty girls, bishounen. It will be a smorsgaboard.. and I will explain to you -why- I like the picture.. perhaps you can find out a little bit more about me through such free talk. Who knows. I will explain though if it is worksafe or not.. though more often then not anything you find underneath the cut -is- worksafe.

I've always had a thing for girls wearing sports uniforms. I don't know why I think it is sexy, but I also like girls in two braids. If they look wholesome.. all the better, since there is nothing more wholesome then organized sports right? *unless it is baseball.. in which I can attest to, I was the pitcher on my high school softball team, and we literally went for blood..*. This girl, her smile caught me. Of course I found this on a PR0N site.. but I skipped over the other pictures because I really did not have too much of an inclination to see her unclothed. (What and ruin my illusions. OF COURSE NOT). But yes, I've always thought that soccer was a violent sport, and that a girl can smile cheerfully wearing a soccer uniform just blows my mind.

She's such a cutie though. She shall be one of my wives when the revolution comes.

Feel free to comment to tell me what you like or dislike about the picture.
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