Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~RO Ramblings~

Squenix stuff done, I am solo'ing Citan in the Payon Caves right now. Dokebi's drop gold, and that is nice.. Citan needs to stock up the coffers. I think that Nameless RO is probably my favorite server. (Thank you Chibi-Wing for pointing me in the right direction). Eventually Fei and Citan are going to get married on the server. But until then, we are trying to earn money for cards and stuff. And slotted high powered weapons.

Mish's Fei and my Citan. Yes, I know.. I told them specifically to pose like that.

Due to Citan's buffed up agility, he ends up missing most attacks on him.

That is Citan's little profile.. in this picture he is hanging out with Fei-Puppy, his Desert Wolf. (Him and Fei got matching pets.. all apart of their special brand of cuteness.. at least it is innocent unlike Hyuga and Sigurd's choice of pets >.>) If ever you see someone wandering around Nameless Eclipse and it says Xeno-Hood. That is the Guild myself and Mish created. >.> We slam all of our characters into that guild, forcing them to become a family.)

Alright, I'm done. Yay more RO!

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