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Guess what. *big gasps for breath*

Alexi got orders back for Mountain Home.

Of course that is -before- he crosstrains.

However I am -not- complaining at all. I am loving every moment of knowing that I will definitely be seeing him in 2 to 3 months.. And it is funny because before I went to bed I had a long conversation with the goddess. And it went something like this..

Me: Goddess I entreat you, I know you have been keeping us apart because of the goals that we must accomplish as individuals but after nine months of not being able to hold him, then two weeks.. I am just tired, I want to hold him soon, soon enough that I -don't- have to let him go (side note: He got orders for England 3 months after meeting me in Mountain Home, around when he got orders was when we transcended the "dating" situation to the "Commitment") It was incredible how you gave us that oneness.. it was the most beautiful gift and was long awaited for.. and I can understand if he gets orders somewhere else, for I know you will enable it for me to follow him eventaully. But it hurt, hurt to feel that my soul was being taken from me.. please bring him back to me, safely.. that is all I ask, orders don't matter.. only that he comes to my arms in one piece. I love you.. *Then around this time hte tears stopped and I finally drifted off to sleep.*

So he -is- coming back.. to the shelter of my heart. *saps*

Oh yeah thank you all for being understanding, it has meant the world to me. *nods firmly*

BTW Jesse.. according to the 5:40 you are a Virgo Ascendant.. According to 8:30 you are a Libra Ascendant. *heh's* I looked it up on my program. You should read up on both of them and figure out which one you are most like! *latches*



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