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~Squenix and Valdemar ramblings~

The evening ended on an optimistic note all things considering. I'm content and I feel very accomplished.

Now I am tired after this whirlwind day.. so I am going to topple into sleep. But yes, it's a nice feeling.. *heehee* Time for sleep though.

Oh yes, I was amused by Shota!Hyuga's explaination for where babies came from. He said they came from horses. *lips quirk ever so slightly* I'm still rolling from that remark. Though Hawkbrother Bart is going to be very interesting to play. Considering in this RP, he is going to be SIX YEARS YOUNGER THEN BILLY. If Billy did not already -have- a guilt complex, well he'll develop one now. We are setting this in the Valdemar world shortly after the Mage Storm series.
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