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Wow, I've done more work in squenix_un then I have done in perhaps -months-. But Mish and I have decided to keep the boat afloat.. and I am so thankful for her right now. If she wasn't around, I probably would of dropped the whole thing.. because Squenix is too big for just one person. Not to mention we've had an awesome response from the people that are staying.. so that's a good thing. Now to reorganize the rooming assignments (which will not be done for a while) and do some pimping. (Anyone on my FList that is addicted to RPing.. well just check out squenix_uni if you want. Or even the OOC community over at squenix_ooc. I'm feeling a bit better now, and accomplished. Had we had mods that did not do anything, my job would of been alot harder.. so thanks to Brandi and Amanda for actually having records for me to fall back upon. That was a relief)

Tomorrow more work though the rest of the night I might spend frying my brain with RP or RO. (Whichever Mish feels inclined for).

Thanks also for the help of gamera and sphere. I appreciate it. ^_~

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