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~Work, underwear type things and RO/RP stuffs~

I was left mentally exhausted last night because I had to take over the manager work for my supervisor since she got sick halfway through the movie. That left me with the paperwork as -well- as the cleanup which is really not much but in an 84 minute movie, it's actually quite a bit. That is eight minutes longer then a typical Disney movie. I do enjoy both of my jobs, I really do. I enjoy them in a way that I do not think I could get satisfaction from a more technical job.. or even exectutive. I don't know, I guess it is because of my virgo nature I -need- to be there with the customers. Jean has told me that when some customers come in on my days off and I am not there, their face fall. I take that as a good sign. I guess, I strive to do my best in whatever I do. I will never half ass a job. My leisure though, at times I am inclined to half ass. (How very virgo of me. >.>). This is attribtued to the line of fics and icons I have -yet- to do, and LJ posts that I have written in my head that do not quite make it to semagic.

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and I bought some winter type clothing. Including two baseball shirts and some BOY SHORTS. Yes, we all know my aversion for girl clothes. In fact I have not shopped in the girl section of any store for over 6 years. (That includes boxers, jeans and shirts). However I did go into a foray into the girls section yesterday and found they had boy short panties. I mean, I would of gone for boxer briefs like what Alexi has, but there is this big space, and no cock... and no matter how much I pretend.. well so I caved and bought me some girl boy shorts. That actually suits me very well. That was Nia's underwear shopping for the day. (And believe me, these things are -very- comfortable.

In RO, we decided to cancel our Conrad and Yuuri characters and make Sirius and Remus. So now we have Knight Sirius and Bard Remus wandering around. Sirus is wearing Demon wings and Remus has a hat entited Western Grace.. and when he is inside, he wears his bandana. We are going to quest soon for demon wings.. or some sort of wings for Sirius. I would of tried to make Remus an angel, however he calmly informed me that he would be like Hyuga, only an angel by title. (Because Hyuga muse is exceedingly kinky... ask Sigurd, he'll tell you the truth about their bondage games).

Hyuga and Remus are typically thought of as the bottoms in most RPs.. however I tend to play them as more dominate when they get into the kinky things. When they are vulnerable, that is when they are likely to bottom. So in loving and cuddle sex, they are almost always bottom, and in hard kinky sex, well.. let's just say that Sigurd and Sirius almost never have a chance. >.>. (Not that the tables can turn, and they have.. but it's very rare)

Wiow, this was a long post. And now for the interactive part of my journal.

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