Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Muses, oh noes~

I would post my muses, but that's boring.. I mean the three main are Jin Uzuki, Hyuga Ricdeau and Citan Uzuki.. with frequent ass-kickings by Yui Uzuki and Midori Ricdeau-Uzuki.

I am a Xeno-whore. KTHXBAI.

Really after 7 years of online RPing.. I have over 300 original characters and close to 100 non-xeno muses. But really the only ones who -count- are the Xeno muses. (with the exception of Rydia.. because damn it's Rydia and she is the green-cherry sex.). Oh yes, and Hakkai from Saiyuki.. but only because I am scared of him.

Any guy who is glassed and who has the brain the size of jupiter.. yeah that's a muse of mine. Try it, watch anime or play a game.. and see a guy with glasses. I can guarenfuckingtee you that he is in my muse box. I fall into RP stereotypes. >.>
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