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~Oh no, no you can't disguise...~

This icon came about because Hyuga cannot stop listening to "Tell me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac. Which seems to be one of his songs for the Independant RP.. especially concerning Sigurd. Just like "Everywhere" is his song for the Glam!RP.

I'm proud with the way the icon turned out.. and of my alltime favorite picture of Hyuga/Citan. You know the official art where he actually -looks- like a man and not some girl which is how all the doujinshi artists portray him as looking. (Though I have every picture of Citan/Hyuga on my computer that I can fathom.. because my obsession over him is -that- much)

Which reminds me. I concede with my father to music finally. I will not concede with him to a great many things. But music, I cave.. mainly because I am listening to music that I heard -him- listen to him. (And had scoffed at previously). So yes, I cave. YES DAD YOU DO HAVE GOOD TASTE. (and I know you read my journal... >.> )

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