Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Pointless yattering conglomerated~

I know I had something I wanted to post but somewhere along the line I sort of forgot it.

We are watching Naruto again. Oiya, finally cleared the long episode 129 - 134 FIGHT scene it seems. The ones in which Sasuke has a MILLION flashbacks. Both Alexi and I were laughing whenever Sasuke got slammed into a rock wall. I think that was a trifle mean of us.. but while we like him, we are of the opinion that Sasuke is an emo bitch-boy. We can't wait to see what the next arc hods for us. Oooh... I know. I'm gearing myself up for the big Kabuto episode. >.>

Kakashi and Iruka still own my soul thankyouverymuch.

Also the movie 40-year old Virgin is fucking HILARIOUS. I was oh so amused when he tried to put the condoms on.

Also halfway through Storm Warning by Mercedes Lackey. I like Karal.. alot.. I also like An'desha. And because of my reading that book, I am on a Valdemar kick so that is all shuufish and I have been RPing. That and Ragnarok Online.

Maria has a cute Dokebi! YAY! And Elly got a Devilruchi. shuufish's characters are too nice to mine. Also someone has to tell my RO charrie Bart Fatima that PINK AND ORANGE DOES NOT GO TOGETHER. He is so not taking dressing tips from Billy or Sigurd. >.> Poor misguided little guy. There's no doubt that he's male.. and his matching sense PROVES it. I bet his socks are different colours.
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