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Well I have a few minutes with which to type up a quick journal entry.. (Since Alexi is sitting there playing the FFTactics that I bought him for his birfday.. which was yesterday. *ahee's*) I have been doing nothing much, just having fun doing nothing with Alexi.. I mean laying in bed and snuggling and watching movies and even getting online. Today we go see Lord of the Rings.. (Legolas........ Ooooooh!)

Thank you everyone for your comments.. yes I think me and Alexi make a really good couple. *mrowrs*

I don't regret the past.. in fact I embrace what had happened, for if what happened in the past never did.. then I would never of met Alexi.. *sneefles*

That is beautiful.. *yay's*

Kaze ni Naritai..

I love Megumi Ogata!!!
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