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~You can look into the face, the face of your god~

Here is the question... why do I get so horny when I am on my period?

It's like whenever I go to bed on those days of month and I masturbate.. I have the most earth-shattering orgasms, it's like I wank it and then I can BARELY get out of the bed in order to wash my hands.. My entire body turns to putty and I drop -right- off to sleep. And of course this coming from someone who has to masturbate in order to fall asleep anyway. Yes, right after sex I fall asleep. No romantic cuddly cuddly with me, after orgasm hits I start snoring. I am almost done with the time of the month. That means once I am done, I will stop masturbating for orgasms sake and start masturbating as a form of sleep aid.

I have already decided the daily download for the day.

As you have noticed, I try to do the daily download.. but it ends up now being a bit by-weekly. This is of course because my online time is fairly limited. I don't get online til late afternoons unless it's my day off. With Alexi back I have stuff to do.. dinner, spending time with him and the whatnot. Ah, but I shall get the Daily Download done before I go to work.

And Chibi!Shota Hyuga makes me sniffle. He's fucking adorable. (Hawkbrother Sigurd also makes me drool).

Currently I am on a Valdemar kick. I am getting my ass in gear to read the Storm series. Starting with Storm Warning. I was happy to note that it immediately tossed in with the gayness.. which Mercedes Lackey can always be counted on. (I cannot tell anyone how much I liked Vanyel... but Mish knows how much I adore him). I think I have a few original characters named Vanyel in my C-box.

Today when I get home, I help Alexi build a gingerbread haunted house. Then I get on RO to play with Mish. *WHEE*

That was a pointless post. .. and to make it have less of a point...

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