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We went to Kyoto's steakhouse yesterday. That is -always- a treat. We took Heather, this girl that Alexi has a borderline crush on and she and him sustained a conversation up to Boise.. while I read the third volume of Saiyuki and napped in between pages. A few times a message from Meagan came through, but only because she was visiting me with the Buttsecks Fairy though technically Chaos is the buttsecks fairy (At least that is what Jin tells me). We get there and the asian guy that served us was kinda cute.. he was definitely a total sweetheart. (I had my eyes on the goth girl wearing a hawaiian shirt. >.> pimp_kitten will know who she is. But yes I told Alexi he could drink some sapporo since I was the one that was designated to drive, and he had THREE GIANT ones. (I think I mocked him a little bit)

We were going to go to Cost Plus World Market and the Halloween Store but we did not because we did not want to miss THE CORPSE BRIDE. And we saw the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie preview.. and I made Alexi sporfle because I leaned over and whispered to him, "I think I came" (I am so glad Heather did not hear that, I am afraid she already thinks me a freak..)

Then the Corpse Bride which was an AWESOME movie. The Nightmare Before Christmas is STILL my favorite movie by Tim Burton.. but the Corpse Bride was VERY good. The piano pieces in that movie. I NEED them. (Hyuga muse is compelling me to download..) and then trying to repress my snickers when Jin muse goes. "She's kinda hot for a dead chick.." Take it to Jin for being completely irreverent. Did I get like the defective Jin muse or something?

And then I came to my favorite part of the evening, coming home and playing RO with shuufish. Eventually I will take screen caps of all my characters. Hyuga turned into a Knight and Sigurd is a Bard.. and it's cute how they are cuddly all over Prontera. (Hyuga's armor is ESPECIALLY nice I won't be in any hurry to job change him to Champion). Then we let Ayame and Hatori out to mark their L33t merchant skills. RO is truly fun (thank you pyratesss for showing me to Nameless RO.. I need a cute nickname for you now.. like Chibi Wing.. that's what I'll call you.. )

Then I hopped into bed where I had dreams about Harry Potter.

I am also going to get a new AIM soon. Geisha Memorias is boring me. In fact I will get it now.

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