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I am amused.


That is the city that I grew up in and it actually has a GASPOHMYGOD livejournal community.

The description on the page is pretty accurate too.. one Wal-Mart, one McDonalds and one movie theater (8-screens).

However to be perfectly fair, Mountain Home as 2 screens.. but then Boise is 30 minutes away so there can't be too much complaining. Everything is way far out in Ridgecrest.. I think Bakersfield is like 2 hours away. So is Lancaster and Palmdale.

Wow, I just had a flashback to the past. Was I actually -missing- my hometown. I think so. (It really is kinda nice there..)

You know what is really funny.. is that I actually have on my FList someone who lived within -two- streets of me when I lived over at Apple Valley. parhelion_spark and hell she liked Xenogears, Krelian and Hyuga/Sigurd too. Damn I wish I had known her when I lived in Apple Valley.
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