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Well Alexi aka pimp_kitten is home now. We watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force last night and he did not react in an explosive way to the yard. *breath of relief* I think that was because he was happy with the way the house was upkept. I also played a little bit of Katamari Damacy for him. Because we all know that Katamari Damacy is love. Then I crashed for the night due to it going to be a long day. We have alot of stuff we have to get done. Among them is me getting through work (Taco Thursday) and then a trip to Wal-Mart. After which I will plan out dinner (I have to cook again >.>) and then YAY RAGNAROK with Mish (Hopefully)

Oh yes, I got a new manga. Antique Bakery is sweet buttsecks.. and there was not any buttsecks in it really.. just alot of plot. I thoroughly recommend it if only for the 'demonically hot genius pastry chef' who WEARS GLASSES! I was amused by the demonically hot thing. Nice but also irresistable to straight and gay men alike. *heehee*

I have nothing to say so I am going to proceed to do my waking up for the day. *kerthuds* I need Soda but I sort of forgot it, I was too eager to get Alexi home to see the cats. I'll pick up my soda today when we go to Wal-mart.
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