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  1. card captor sakura:
    As shoujo as you can get, and well I love Card Captor Sakura, it has a cute het relationship, it has uber cute shounen ai and shoujo ai. And well Tomoyo is just awesome (My favorite character). This has it all.. and sometimes I -like- toothaches.
  2. erasure:
    Once upon a time there was Depeche Mode.. and then once upon after their first album, their member Vince left the band to form Erasure. That was when Depeche Mode started cutting itself. Erasure is Depeche Mode's happier and 10 times gayer cousin. I have a fondness for gay stuff.
  3. guilty gear:
    This is a very new one for me. It is a fighting game, with Venom and Testament. Woot. I have a fondness for the Venom/Testament pairing, but that is just the buttsex monger in me coming out. But Venom, venom is everything in a video game guy that would turn me straight. >.>
  4. japanese and chinese food:
    It's an addiction, a raging addiction.
  5. kyou kara maou:
    It is the satire on the whole magical girl gets sucked into a portal to be surrounded by beautiful bishounen. Being that it is a GUY who is sucked into a portal (i.e toliet) and taken to where a whole bunch of bishounen are. Who I will note, all have wibbly varying stages of affection for said heros. I like the fandom because the buttsecks does not take itself seriously.
  6. meine liebe:
    Meine Liebe, I really should remove this since I have no interest in it anymore. >.> Too much pretty, not enough plot.
  7. philosophy:
    Philosophy, because I am an intellectual.
  8. sigurd/citan:
    Sigurd and Citan, it really is not true anymore.. being that I like Sigurd and HYUGA. (My Citan muse is happily wibbling over Fei). But Sigurd and Hyuga -are- my one true pairing and probably the only pairing that I will all out fanfag. I will be terribly confused when I play the game.. all thanks to shuufish. But yes, I will live and die for Sigurd and Hyuga.
  9. tatsumixwatari:
    My second favorite pairing in Yami no Matsuei. I tend to be drawn toward pairings where I see the equality in them. Sigurd and Hyuga, Oriya and Muraki, Tatsumi and Watari, Iruka and Kakashi. I like my buttsecks with as little seme/uke sauce as possible. And dare I say that I like characterizations more then anything.
  10. yami no matsuei:
    Yami no Matsuei is another one of those gay series. Though it is packaged for other people. You got shinegami, an evil doctor with glasses, (in fact this series makes my glasses fetish SPRAKLE) and a beautiful swordsman with long dark hair and a rather snarky attitude. It is my perfect series.

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