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So there was drama at soeur_system

As I was telling my soeur, freysama.. had she taken a petite soeur without consulting me, I probably would of shrugged and went along with it. I might of been minorly hurt but that would not of constituted the breaking of a family. However that is only because I run my family much like Sei does.. very loosely and with alot of sense of humor and laxity. mushii however is a Youko to the heart and I believe that Youko would of done so in the same situation.

A sister-ship, especially one patterned after Maria-sama ga Miteru is all about trust and confidence, it is about sharing any decisions about the family with the head of the house. Including your inclination to take a petite soeur. This is just me and what the particular community means to me. I was lucky because when Chelsie decided she wanted to take a soeur, she came right to me and was like, "Oneesamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I like this girl and I want her to become a member of the Rosa Omeinesis Family.." and then I did the right thing and went and 'stalked' my soeur's potential soeur. (*evil evil evil waves panty shots around*). So yes that made me smile.

I hold no hard feelings, this is just the first time that it happened in the community, and I hope it will be a learning expirience for everyone invovlved plus all the new blood therein. I believe that emotional connections that are formed in the soeur_system is not a game.

Now to do the Daily Download.
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