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1.) I have a fondness for breaded okra dipped in thousand island sauce, this stems back from when I was a young child and I went to Golden Corral with my grandmother and I would get the okra and bread and thousand island. That is what I still exist on when we go to the Golden Corral in Boise. Who cares that they have a wonderful selection. JUST GIVE ME MY BREADED OKRA DAMN IT.

2.) When I was eight years old, my Uncle Joel's lover, Dan offered to fly us down to Austrailia for Christmas to meet my Uncle Joel's -other- lover, Chris. How is that about coolness amid polyamory. It was great. I was so lucky to live 10 years of my life with a gay man, in fact I title my 80s folder 'gay man' music becuase of that. Oh well.

3.) When I was five years old, I played Baby Jesus in the school Christmas play.. and I stole the show because I kept feeding the people their lines when they forgot.

4.) In high school I beat people up. Mainly it was girls who picked on my friend Athena. I punked them good. I did not do it maliciously, I just did it because they were superficial fags who picked on people weaker then them. Also I dumped a whole bottle of Preferred Stock cologne in my Arch Nemesis, Bart's locker. Yes, my arch rival's name was Bart.

5.) I had a crush on my first best friend, Lisa. It was cute. I would of done anything for her. I even hated her boyfriends.

6.) My family has Disneyland in it's legacy. In fact my great grandfather owned the organge fields that Disneyland was on, he sold it to Walt, got money and passes for friends and family up to his death. I spent my childhood in Disneyland because of that, and that will likewise forever be one of my FAVORITE places.

7.) I have a tooth growing behind one of my upper front teeth, likewise one of my baby teeth is still intact. It used to frustrate me, now I live and let it live.

8.) I dye my hair black and I will consistantly wear my hair Jin style. To contribute to the Jin-looks, I also have green eyes. But I have glasses. Along with my hawaiian shirts, I am quite happy with how similar I look to Jin, and in fact I am Jin to the Uzuki Residence because of that.

9.) Ever hear anyone on my friend's list refer to me as "Kok". that is usually uzukisaru and that was the name I was given when I was down there. Because we have Monkey(Saru) and Pup(Emily) and then since I grew closer to them in this year of the "Cock", then that is my nickname.. "Kok".

10.) I have a weakness for garish and loud hawaiian shirts, the more hideously atrocious the better.

11.) I am transgendered. Meaning that I feel more male then I do female. So chances are there is a bisexual guy living inside of me. Bisexual in the fact that if I had a cock, he would so be going after the ass as well. My sexuality is very complicated though. Just thought I'd tell you all that.

12.) I lived with my grandmother for 20 years of my life, and she is one of the major influences on me... my role model so to speak. Betty Jane Joner. Those were some of the best years of my life and I still adore her even though she has passed on.

13.) The first thing I notice about a girl is her smile..and then I see if it touches her eyes. If she has a gorgeous smile, then I am completely won. You can't fake a sincere smile.

14.) My favorite show is Will & Grace.

15.) I was going to be Ian had I been born a boy, and I only figured this out later when my name became Nia.. you change the letters around in Nia.. and you get Ian. (Unfortunately the name Ian holds very negative connotations with me)

16.) I am a morning person.. this is something that I've newly discovered about myself. I like the feeling of having the whole day ahead of me.

17.) The first anime I ever watched was Vampire Hunter D.. and I was hooked.

18.) In order to get to sleep I tell stories to myself in my head. This has been something that I've done ever since I've been around 9 years old. It started with my barbie dolls and the complicated plots I weaved around them, but then it moved on and evolved through the years to involve anything I am writing or RPing.. I will just continue the story in my mind until I drift off to sleep.

19.) I follow my instincts about everything and I am very hard to get to know, I have always been like this, I am a secretive nature by heart. That is probably why it is hard for me to maintain a decent conversation on AIM.. because of the intensely private person that I am.

20.) 9 is my lucky number, I think that was because I am a double-niner. (9-9-79.. I was 19 in 9-9-79.. and my room number in the military was 333 which if you add it up comes out to 9.
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