Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~A better picture of the infamous 'outfit'~

WTF Namco.. it is almost an EXACT replica. look at that outfit. WHAT? IS THAT A PINK SASH!

I am slowly coming to believe that this will be entitled "Jin's First Cosplay"

Because this is so funny and amusing... the very fact that they are turning Jin into Citan is amusing. You can just imagine that my Jin muse has a mouthful for that. Being that he's already seperated himself from the archetype personality, that they are trying to get him to dress up as Citan, this is just great. *heh's*

Though it will be noted that Jin is not wearing glasses. That is one thing. But he got the clothes.. and the hair over one side it seems... though to be fair from the picture I saw it seems like the hair is on the 'left side' as opposed to Citan's right.

I think that while the people of Namco were trying to impress me last time, this time they are trying to amuse me.... THEY ARE SUCCEEDING!

Being LJ's most prolific Citan/Hyuga/Jin fan, I have a duty to report this to the masses. Stay tune for ON THE SPOT coverage!
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