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~I never know, I never know why.. forever live and die~

Updated soylent_icons with some Reno Icons because Reno is my favorite character in Advent Children (along with Tifa).

Still sick. (Oops no one knew? yes, yesterday I got sick. I think it is a sinus infection, it makes me bleah)

Played some RO. The veiled flirts back and forth between Hakkai and Gojyo is vastly amusing. Mish's Gojyo muse amuses me.

Watched Advent Children. I keep true to what I said. Except the first ending sort of pissed me off.. (It will always be my neverneding belief that Cloud was a waste of space... might as well not attack me because it's a personal opinion and I am not likely to change it for anyone) But definitely Tifa... Tifa makes me hot, and I want Yuffie's boots. And Reno, I can't forget Reno.

Gonna probably play more RO.. or something. *hurms*

I need a new icon.. but I have built a shrine to Venom so... Venom says he is quite happy with me plastering his visage all over icons everywhere. Hurrah for Guilty Gear.
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