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~Impressions on Advent Children *non-spoiiers*~

I watched Advent Children, but since it was in it's original japanese version (I could not get the subtittle script to work..) most of it went beyond me. However based on mere characterization alone... personality, they way that the emulate themselves. I can already tell that right now.. Cloud, Sephiroth and the Three leave me sort of eh.

However, Cid and Reno. Yes... they utterly pwn me but maybe because well it's CID and Reno = Keiji Fujiwara. (I am such a Seiyuu nut). Also the seiyuu of Roy being Rufus, well okay so that has made me happy... it made me imagien Reno/Rufus.. alot *eyes amanecer*

But then I was never very much a big fan of FF7. Believe me when I say my only favorite characters during my playthrough was the females, Cids and the Current Turks. I also thought that Tifa and Aeris should of hooked up.. first indication was when Cloud looked better in a dress then they did. First indication, never date someone that looks prettier in a dress then you do, girls. Yuffie was not as annoying to me as she was to alot of people. (But it's Yuffie! And I have a thing for ultra happy girls). Cid with his trash mouth and of course the Turks.. (especially Tseng and Reeve..).

I will buy Advent Children of course when it comes out in November.. so I can understand it more fully.

But yes Cid and Reno rock so hard core.
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