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Vows have been written for Hyuga.


Inside Jokes for the Day

Fei: "Flower arranging is for GIRLS!"

Emperor Cain wearing a white Tiny Tee that says in sparkly letters "Princess"


I said all that stuff.. because I meant it. I am not taking it back. Highly opinionated. I've had people say shit about me. It's apart of life. I hope they can suck it up. (If I had a dollar for every bad thing a person said about me or shit that were pulled on me..well I'd have probably more then enough to complete ALL the manga series I have started..)

It is essential to note that it is impossible for everyone to like you, there will be people that bitterly despise you and the whatnot (either for what you have, or who you are, or what you've done). I am lucky to have more friends then enemies.. but I know that there are people who are enemies. Even on my FList. (You know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Yup, I follow that)



At work there is this customer named Will. He's a nice guy, pagan.. very intense looking and the whatnot. (He also comes into the base theater.. so he's a customer at both jobs) and well today I answered the phone and I recognized the voice.. but he said his name was Marius.. and I was like. "WTF.." (though not to the customer) and then I made his order. And yes, there was Will.. and I sort of looked at the only food box and then he told me he called it in and then I sort of gave him that puzzled look. And then he told me that he changed his name to Marius.

Okay, you know why he changed his name to Marius. Because of the Vampire Chronicles. I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!

Then we had a big discussing on the vampire chronicles. It was very interesting. So anyways one of my favorite customers changed his name from Will to Marius. ROCK!

pimp_kitten, you need to get your name changed legally....


Over and Out! *w00t*
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