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~All geared up and preparing my Squenix100 submission~

I am making icons for the squenix100 even though I haven't been approved yet, because I know Brandi will approve me.. and once I'm approved.. BANG my first submission. It's marked as a private entry on my journal for the time being. Everything is done.. and once I am approved, off it goes to soylent_icons and my regular journal. 100 icons of Citan/Hyuga.. can I do it? Of course I can. Anyone who doesn't think I can't needs to re-evaluate my level of obsessiondevotion.

Proud to be one of Citan/Hyuga's chief acolytes. (I accord fellow acolyte-ship to reynardfox as she has done equal ammounts in the fandom for him as I have.. so Chief Acolyte cannot go to just one.)
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