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~Keep the same appointments I kept.

Once a month.. (approximately) me and shuufish's characters explode over at squenix_uni.. and more inside jokes are created then you can shake a stick at.. then we calm down for around a month.. only to return a month later and sporadically update and clusterfuck each other's journals.

Forever more will Rydia twit Sigurd about her green strap-on in her closet. (And no doubt trying to get that gay piece of ass into her room so she can sodomize it) There wasn't too much of an explosion from Citan and Midori.. it was predominately Jin and Rydia and to a lesser degree Professor Hyuga.

It was so funny when Rydia was like to Sigurd, "Cheer up, Emo Kid" and Sigurd was like. "No thank you, and you are not Jin".. since in our muse talks, Jin is the one to say "Cheer up, Emo Kid". It was like a wierd crossover. Ah.. *thuds* It was funny.

Now to get an ice cream cone... maybe that will clear my general feeling of BLAH-NESS

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