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~Inside my heart is breaking.. my makeup may be fading but my smile still stays on~

Guilty Gear X fucking PWNS me.. in all the right ways.

Venom is hands DOWN my favorite character in the game. I got his pool-stick attacks down pat, I love it when he puts the pool stick behind his back and goes "ping". And a blue little bolt comes out of the tip. Fighting with a pool-stick. How fucking classy is that? Or when he turns the enemy temorarily into a pool ball! YES THAT ROCKS! And then I really quickly wallop him.

VENOM I <3 You!

*dies from the love*

Of course it does not help that Venom is the type of guy that I dig. Dark skinned with blue eyes and white hair. 0_0 His resemblance to Sigurd is UNCANNY.
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