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~It's the great circle of lifeLJ~

Someone deletes me, and within the hour, someone usually adds me. People do not delete me very often.. but when they do.. there is always random people who add me. *waves to bouncygirl* So anyways.. it never affects me when someone deletes me. I do care, but sometimes I just -don't- comment. It comes when you have to scroll back 5 million pages to read the FList. That and I try to provide stuff on my journal for the fact that sometimes I -don't- comment all that much. Deeper connections.. well it's a hit and miss thing with me. I am ephermeal and sort of floaty here-and-there sort of thing.

I have to work tonight. Don't ask me what's playing at the movie theater because I don't know.

Oh yes, thank you yatika for the excellent musica. Origa rocks my green socks!


Things to do today

1.) RP Posts (all of them)
2.) Work (ugh)
3.) Finish the Shitan icons and arranging them so I can start the squenix100 challenge. (already formatted the table for it and I don't want to notify of my selection -until- I finish arranging the pictures in my Uzuki folder (it's a mess)
4.) Eat
5.) Start the RP out where Citan lets ID out.. that is the ONE rp that stands in front of the Bachlor Party that me and shuufish have been plotting out. Just ONE more RP until we can embark on that.. *bites nails* Mind fuckage for the ones closely involved.. *hee Sigurd and Hyuga*)
6.) Mow
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