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~Oooh sometimes the truth is harder then the pain inside~

A random thought while I was going to wal-mart: It's a good thing they don't make cars invisible.. or else we'd REALLY be in trouble

*shot* Only I would think something like that..

Why do I somehow think that Jin was behind that thought in some way-shape-or-form?

pimp_kitten asked me what I wanted for my birthday.. and I dunno. >.>

Back to eating my chicken ceasar salad and ruminating on invisible cars and what that would do to our society. I am sure that they would have a radar built in.. it would probably cure alot of the youth's car-madness.

Edit: The song that Sigurd finally decided on. OH. MY. GOD. Hyuga is going to be in for ONE HELL of a bachlor party. *eyes Squenix*
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