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Oh, I'm not dissing it.. there are some intelligent people that are joined to that community that are on my flist.. however I am of the opinion that most Naruto characters are not uberly uke acting. So I just sort of ugh at communities where one topping is promotted over one bottoming. (And like either Naruto or Sasuke would submit each other. There is a thirty/seventy chance for them.. thirty percent chance buttsecks.. seventy percent chance of getting attacks thrown at each other's FAEC)

And then the fact that there was a bit of Sakura bashing going on in some of the comments. I just feel that a community like that is scrapping the bottom.

But then this is coming from someone that wants to see HAKU -rape- Zabuza soo.. you all know where my opinion comes in. I am so not down with the different yaoi roles. (or yaoi stereotypes in general)

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I don't actively wade into the yaoi-fandom anymore. the fandom is highly overrated and I'd rather celebrate buttsecks from my little corner where I can make up rules and wierd-ass physics and mess withplay with gender roles and all that. CHAOS TOPPING JIN WHOO-HAH!
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