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~Music meme.. this time -not- started by me but by parhelion_spark

When you read this, take the song that is playing on your MP3 list and send it to me. I don't care what it is.. just send it via YSI, Rapidshare or Megaupload.. whatever works best for you..(for the latter two, of course, post the link in a comment below). Then post the same meme in your journal and I will return the favor with whatever it is that I am listening to. This is a great way to get alot of really random music so take advantage of it.

Ahahaha I am such a loser.. onewingedhyu@yahoo.com

--Music people have sent--

mother - "We both go down together" by The Decemberists
umegaki - "Sakura Sake" by Arashi
iamleaper - I wait for you (By the Telephone) by Figurine.
yukikijo - Dragonstea din tei by O-Zone (Already have this on my playlist, it's a dreadfully fun song!)
sir_hellsing -I fought the Angels by The Delgados.
jaydesummers - Beethoveen 5th Symphony (Techno Remix) from DDR Revolution
angeluszion - Angel's Thanatos from Silent Hill 2</a>
acidae - Strange Disease by Prozzak (PLZ GIVE ME BUTTSECKS NOW AMES!)
divinecomedy - Divinity Statue from Devil May Cry 3 OST
kiarajinzan - Pray by Tina Cousins.

-To be edited- (It would be nice if I could get names of people who sent me what so I could credit them and their EXCELLENT music taste)
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