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~I remember that sweet song...~

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Absolutely awesome. I'm owning that movie. It's a tad bit preachy at the end.. but hell the ORIGINAL was preachy. And damn it the line about Cannabalism just utterly pwned me.. that was when I knew I was going to like it.

I wanted to kill Veruca Salt.. and Violet Beauregard. SHE WAS SO FUCKING ADORABLE!

I have no words for Johnny Depp. He was perfect for the role of Willy Wonka. He turned Willy Wonky from an eccentric (like Gene Wilder did) and turned him utterly batshit crazy. I love it. (Now, pimp_kitten, it is like the original in some aspects, in other aspects not so much.. but I think you'll like what happens to Veruca Salt.. ALOT..).

So yes, that movie utterly pwns me. I need an icon of Willy Wonka now. >.>

Anyone have any good caps of him?

Edit: By the way this is my new icon. It is my first expirementation with TINY TEXT. What it says is..

"I remember the days of summer
We were so close together..
You were humming the songs of silence.
Sweetly plucking the harp of wind
Every moment was sacred & mystic...
We were near to the shore of Eternity."

- Feel free to use if you want

That is my Chaos/Jin icon. *heh's* Because the ending song is just that lovely.

I am probably going to rework the icon since I'm not totally happy with it.. but for now it's okay.
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