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~Whisper from the Mirror~

I tried to find some Kakairu Buy-it-Now Doujinshi.. but I couldn't.. so I was content with the fact that I was able to lead divinecomedy to a treasure. Ahahaha.. sometimes I feel so happy and useful. I think I might go and make more icons.. maybe. I don't know though, I am so fickle.

I saw some new Oh my Goddess Doujinshi that pimp_kitten doesn't have. Nice stuff of Belldandy. (*drools over Urd and Skuld though*). Damn it I need some good Skuld/Urd pr0n.

Glam!Hyu is playing this song in my head because he is angsting. *eyes the Current Music*

I always force my Hyuga muse to play a musical instrument. In the glam it was Piano.. at squenix_uni it is a violin, in Star Wars.. it's probably something.. and in Harry Potter.. Hyuga will be adept at the flute.

All the angst that skips over Jin and Chaos automatically donkey punch Hyuga and Sigurd in the faec. While Citan and Fei get all the sap and fluff. It's cute but terribly formulaic. But then Jin drinks cum in his cereal so I really am not surprised that he is an angst-free zone. How can you be angsty when you use spooge as milk?

Jin: But I need my daily dose of calcium. ^_^

*throws a pillow at Jin* Go to sleep.... pervert
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