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~In starlight nights I saw you.. so cruelly you kissed me~

Today is going to be a "The Killing Moon" day. Considering the dream I woke up from.. it does not surprised me. I do not know why I am getting this dreams. They are dreams involving Kuro. Dreams in which I am always talking to her and I find out she is not dead.. and there are outbursts that are sort of vehmenant and violent involving the whole, "Why did you lie to me.." and the whatnot. pimp_kitten woke me up though, thanks to my trusty partner-in-crime. (I really did need to get out of that dream..)

So I don't know if it's trying to tell me anything. My head aches too much to do anything though.

Since I do not predominately angst, well this is just me.. ever since the Year of Jin, I've been keeping it angst free. (It isn't like last year.. OOOH BOY).

So I am going to go take some advil and hope that this feeling of icky goes away.
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