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Do I really care who Kakashi is being voiced by?

Not really. That is why I am not bothering to double check, I just got this from sources that were obviously less then reliable. *eyes FL*. David Wittenburg, Steven Blum.. I am holding my belief. I have watched Naruto up until 130.. and I fell in love with Inoue Kazuhiko and how he voiced the pervy jounin... I have watched enough to be able to say that I am 99.1 percent certain that Kakashi's englush VA (whoever plays him) will not do it for me. (I am leaving .9 percent of that up to chance since wierder things -have- happened with me and my whims like the odd-card blonde bishounen.. since I am usually very.. apathetic toward them). And just so that other people do not think so, I am not declaring that Kazuhiko is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I am just saying that I prefer his voice. No matter who plays Kakashi, it probably won't do for me what I want it to do for me.

Though to be fair.. I was wary about Jin's VA. I knew what to expect from Crispin Freeman who -had- been tasked to play him.. and I did not want him to play him. I was PRAYING that he wouldn't.. because Crispin's voice would of made Jin sound too.. over the top I suppose. Not to mention it is not mature enough sounding for Jin as his Seiyuu Tanaka Hideyuki portrayed him. But I was -very- surprised and pleased by Jin's american VA (Perhaps as happy with Jin's VA as I am with the seiyuu..) so hey, it -can- happen.

Okay, that is my little rant. Sorry to subject you all to that. Now I have a glam!post to write. Jin wants to molest his Panther!Ear wearing Chaos. >.> <.< So I am going to go let him do that.

Edit: Which reminds me.. anyone have any links to Kizuna galleries. I really want a Kei icon. >.>

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