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~Seems as if we're circling for different reasons.. but one day the eagle has to land~

Today at Pizza Etc a father brought his son in to Afterburners in order to teach his son how to play pool. I thought that was so adorable.

I want to be a father.

Hey, kaiousei can we adopt someone? So that I can be their father. Is anyone on your FList interested in being our love child? *tugs* I want to teach them how to play pool and how to curse and to look at girl's asses as they walk by. >.> (Unless they are a guy, then no girls for them!) I'll make the best dad ever, I promise!

We also need a family pet..

Edit: I really need to add Kaiousei to my userinfo saying that she's my wife.. and if anyone is interested in being the family pet.. just respond to this post.. and I will let my wife pick the pet out.
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