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~The remedy is the expirience.. this is a dangerous liason...~

Well good things come to those who wait and I finally have duokinneas back on my FList. Which makes me happy. We've matured alot in the past 10 months methinks. So yes, Talyn. WELCOME BACK! This is another friend I am glad to have back on my list. We had alot of issues we had to work out.. and we are rather comfortable with each other now.. which is a good thing, so yes that's my happiness for the day.

Also I RESPONDED to ALL the RP posts in my inbox. This is unprecdented since I am used to letting them wait. But yes, I shipped out the Valdamar post today.. the last one and now the holding folder is empty. I look at it and I feel a bit sad because there is nothing in there.

Now I am off to work. It is Taco Tuesday.. and that is CATASTROPHIC at best. Maybe some of my regulars will be there. *mrrhs*

That would make me damn happy.

I need to finish cleaning out my closet in the spare room. That will be my duty for today. I really need to toss some junk and consolodate it into boxes.

Sorry for the random caps-locks everyone.
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