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Okay, I did my Moderation post over at yaoi_add_me and I'm done. Hopefully we shall cut out the spam completely. Though I wasn't a total bitch, I did give the person a warning. It's just an adding community, not a LJ community to show off your artwork (Unless you post an introduction and "hi add me!" thing first).

I am hoping to get my Hyuga/Citan icons all sorted out so I can start my 100squenix icons for Citan. >.>

Edit: Evidentally I am being a bitch tonight. -_- I created xeno_yaoi_yuri.. don't ask me why I did it but I did. This one is SPECIFICALLY for yaoi and yuri of the Xeno-variety. That way I can purposely bash anyone who posts het as the rules will be specifically yaoi/yuri. Yup, I'm a bitch tonight. I think I'll do the userinfo tomorrow....

But anyone who wants to join it can feel free to. I just am going to work on it when I am not grumpy or tired.
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